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Reminder to Self and Reminder to You

Be brave. Do it scared. Refer to the sections “Scary, Scary, Scary” (page 12), “Defending Your Weakness” (page 16), “Fear Is Boring” (page 19), “The Fear You Need and the Fear You Don’t Need” (page 22), and “The Road Trip” (page 24) in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I'm Not Perfect, But I'm Frickin' Awesome

So I think I'm the coolest person I know, but as a social creature (human, not extrovert *insert barf emoji*), I still care about what other people think of me because without friends, life would be very lonely. All that to start to say that I have self-esteem issues to an extent. Add in my school life (Let's be honest--my life since I've been in school nineteen of my twenty-five years of life.), and you get self-esteem issues mixed with perfectionism. I used to think Type A and perfectionist were compliments, and to an extent, they are. However, is it worth the mental exhaustion to be Type A and a perfectionist? Simply put, no. Do I wish I were a Type Z (I don't know if that's a thing, but just think of it as the exact opposite of what we know Type As to be.)? Absolutely not! But can I be a Type M or something? You know, something in the middle? Maybe a Type F, somewhere in between average and perfectionist? Being a Type A makes some parts of nursing school really

Future Google Search:

(source: How to ethically own cows How to ethically own a cow? I think I want a pet cow. But will he or she get lonely? After all, sex is a basic need. At least it is for humans.  (source: Abraham Maslow has sex on the same level of needs as eating and sleeping. So is sex that important for cows, too? I mean, it’s biologically necessary so that they as a species don’t go extinct. How many cows get to live free anyway? I’m surprised they’re not endangered already. And why do people who own cows to eventually sell for meat brand and tag their cows? Causing pain and bodily deformities for selfish human greed. Branding them is not necessary to using them for food. You can have them wear collars. I’m not even vegetarian, and I eat steak, but for some reason, this really makes me upset.