Reminder to Self and Reminder to You

Be brave. Do it scared. Refer to the sections “Scary, Scary, Scary” (page 12), “Defending Your Weakness” (page 16), “Fear Is Boring” (page 19), “The Fear You Need and the Fear You Don’t Need” (page 22), and “The Road Trip” (page 24) in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Welcome to My Blog What Works for You

Hi! My name is Michaela, and I’m the owner and author of this blog What Works for You. So far, I only have recipes posted on this blog. I did that so that I can store family recipes online on Pinterest so that if something were to happen that I’d lose the original copies or I’d lose what I typed on my laptop, I could go to my Pinterest profile and redownload them, or actually, I could download them from my blog. However, I liked having all the recipes I’ve tried and liked on a specific board on Pinterest.

Anyway! I want to write a blog for two reasons: 1. A personal diary of sorts but more so 2. To make people feel less alone in the struggles that come with life. I chose my blog title as a reference to a quote by Amy Poehler.
The quote is from her book Yes, Please, which was such a good read.(
Not the exact quote but a pretty graphic to use as a reminder for yourself if you so choose. I personally like keeping handy quotes that inspire me. (

I didn’t want the title of my blog to be too close to her quote and then have some sort of copyright issues. I even considered sending Amy Poehler or her agent or whoever it is the general public can contact when wanting to get in touch with her to ask for permission for use my rendition of her quote as my blog title. As if Amy Poehler’s got to worry about little ol’ me. You never know. I’m sure many people who end up making it big haven’t always expected it. Hoped for it maybe but knew it would happen? Probably not the majority.

And this quote seems relevant for my blog because even though I want my posts to help people feel less alone in their problems, I don’t want them to think that when I overcome my problems, this is the only way to do it. “Oh, she’s overcome her problem, but I haven’t because I haven’t done what she has.” No, different things work for different people. Take my successes as, “Hey, she was where I was and got out of it. Not only am I the only one who struggles with this, but there are ways out of it.” The ways out of it don’t always look the same, but nothing lasts forever, y’all.(:

That sounds like a good place to end my introductory post.(; This is the second time I write my introductory post. The first time I wrote this post, I was in a REALLY good mood. Like, not even myself good. I mean, I want to feel good, but I read what I had written and cringed. I cringed at myself!

And with the publishing of this post comes the promoting of it, which means my social media break must be over to some degree. Ugh. I mean, technically it ended today because I wanted to stalk “research” someone on Facebook and challenge myself to taking more interesting pictures for streaks on Snapchat than I’ve seen people send to my sister.

Have I scared what little audience I had away yet? No? There’s still one of you out there? Hey! Hi! Thanks for being here. Oh, this is going to be so much fun, huh?(;


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Reminder to Self and Reminder to You

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